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A Search Engine for ML Resources: MLPleaseHelp

Last weekend, I launched another open source project for the benefit of machine learning practitioners. Rather than helping you build out your infrastructure like the Parris tool does, this one is a simple search engine for finding ML resources, including everything from lectures to books to examples to libraries, all with the goal of improving your learning.

Say hello to MLPleaseHelp - or MLPlsHelp if you're a fan of textmessage-style shorthand.

Although it is called a search engine, it's more like a searchable set of browser bookmarks than a full service like Google. Entries are ordered based on the date they were introduced, and are not re-ordered for relevance or featuring entries over one another. It really is a simple search engine.

It's strength is that the type of "resource" you can add is not explicitly defined - I have left it undefined specifically because it really comes down to what helps you learn. For this reason you may see results like Awesome Public Datasets which are curated lists, rather than themselves being a link to a specific dataset.

Entries have been largely contributed by the community of the /r/LearnMachineLearning subreddit, particularly those active on the Discord server. We're up to 70 searchable resources today, and expect to pass the first 100 milestone this weekend.

If you have something to contribute or suggest for the tool, we'd love to hear from you! Take a look on Github to commit new entries for everyone's benefit.

Oh, and in case you want to be able to find the tool really fast and don't want to have to type out the full Github Pages link to get to it, you can pull it up by clicking the "ML RESOURCE SEARCH ENGINE" link up in the navbar.

Looking forward to hearing how this helps you, and how you'd like to see it made better.